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The meaning of Submission

SUBMISSION  Submission! Submission !submission! When we hear the word submission,  many of us we quickly go into defense mode.  In fact most people associate the word with controversy. This is because many men and religious leaders often use the word submission as a way to control and belittle women. I am sure a lot of...


I prayed, and God changed my name

What is the essence of a name and why do we give names to our children, pets, or things? Well I’m sure most of us, the reasons why we give names to children, pets, and things is so we can identify those things easily. For example, without names, we would all be called “heey” “ha”...


The virtuous Woman / Proverb 31 woman

defining Womanhood Womanhood literally means, matured or the state of being a woman. To simplify it, womanhood can be explained as a woman who has attained a marriageable age or sees her menstrual cycle every month. However, not every woman who sees her period every month can be called a woman.  Thus, womanhood refers to...


God’s plan for 2020

does 2020 has a good side?   Let me ask you this: are you having a good 2020 or has it been a challenging year so far? I am sure you probably didn’t click on this blog post because you wanted to read some cheesy Jesus story but please bear with me.  If you are...


Are women less important to God?

What the bible says about Women In the bible, we can see that in most instances women were not called by their names or not mentioned at all.  What does this mean? you may ask! I think it is because, in the olden days, many women were not at the forefront of things. Women were defined...