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Have you ever had a season or time in your life when nothing you do seems to work in your favor? Or no matter how hard you try, your best just doesn’t seem to be good enough?

We all have dreams and goals that we want to achieve and even though some of them feel so close, there are some that seem so far from coming to pass.

When our goals or dreams don’t come to pass, we tend to become frustrated and sometimes even angry at ourselves.

We feel as though we are less than those who are living their dreams. Our frustrations can sometimes even lead us to feel jealous and in extreme cases even feel hatred towards those living the same lives we want.

Maybe you are frustrated at the moment because like many of us;

  • you are looking for a better job and even though you qualify, you don’t seem to get one.
  • You want to start a business but have no idea how to go about it.
  • Maybe you want to lose weight but just don’t have the desire and will at the moment.
  • You want a better relationship yet you can’t seem to leave the toxic one you are in at the moment behind.
  • You want to have a child but no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get pregnant.
  • You just want to be happy but depression has taken over your life.
  • You want to buy a house but your finances just don’t seem to get better.
  • Maybe all you really want is to have a better and peaceful life, but you have failed so much you just don’t want to try anymore.

  • Please add your list here if yours was not mentioned…….

While some of these things are small, some are big depending on our individual goals and seasons we are in at the moment.

However, no matter how small or big, they are all our heart desires so they matter. Therefore, the thought of us not being able to fulfill those desires or failing at our goals make us anxious, worried, angry, and sometimes even fearful.

Whether we do it intentionally or subconsciously, we have all tried in many ways to control our destinies, and how things happen in our lives.

If you are like me, then you have tried so hard and long with all your might trying to push a door, without realizing it actually says PULL.

The reason why you did not see the PULL sign is because God did not want you to enter into that door at that particular moment. Doors may close before us because God want us to learn to depend on Him.

Shut doors

Have you heard the phrase, “when one door closes, another door opens?”

Well, you probably have heard it way too many times and so it sound too cliché to you at the moment.

But it is true….when one door closes, God aways have a better one ahead.

when we are in trouble we tend to use the expression God will open a door for us…

But when we say open doors….what does it actually mean?

Maybe you have experienced a lot of shut doors lately or things just don’t seem to line up in your favor lately.

Perhaps, even the people you thought would help you have turned their backs on you.

Or every good opportunity seems to by-pass you.

You may even try and blame it on your luck and think you are just not lucky enough.

In many instances, we tend to blame others or even ourselves when all we keep hearing is NO, when we want to hear yes.
When that happen, we might try everything to open the doors, thinking our strengths and probably academic achievements may help us open such doors.

But no matter how hard you try to open the doors, the more other door keep slamming before you.

If you are experiencing that, then know that God is allowing those doors to remain closed for a purpose.

Purpose in closed doors

When one door closes, somehow God always open a better door for you.

when your relationship failed, you thought you were going to die from the broken-heart right? Guess what, you are still here..

What about when you lost your job and had no idea where your next meal would come from? somehow help came from somewhere you didn’t even imagine, right?

What about when you got yourself into situations you had no business getting involved in, have you asked yourself, how you got out of it safe with no trace?

Have you seen that no matter what happens, the invisible hand of God is always at work on your behalf.

God may decide to let some doors close in your life, because He sees it might harm you.

Sometimes He allows people to tell us No so we can learn to trust Him.

There are doors that may seem right before us but wrong to God. So He allows those doors to be closed for our own good.

Every closed door has a purpose in it.

The bible confirms this in Romans 8: 28

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. 

This means that God has the final say in our lives. So if we place our lives and dreams in His hands, He will always see to it that we get the very best in life.


So when you fail at something, it means God is giving you another opportunity to try it again and be better at it.

Every No has a lesson to teach us. We just need to pay attention to the lesson instead of the failures.

As human beings, sometimes we tend to focus so much on the failures or the shut doors that we forget to look at the other side of the coin.

It doesn’t mater how many times you fail, the most important thing is your will to Never give up.

Learn to trust God a little more. He is not a bad father who will let bad things happen to you, He always got better plans in store for His children.

Learn to rust Gods a little more because, He is a good father.

Remember that every NO has a better yes waiting to happen.

By Felicite Abouadje

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