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Curtesy of Clarke Sanders

We have all heard the phrase, “why work hard to fit in when you can stand out”. But do we even take the time to analyze the phrase carefully? 

Well, let’s talk about standing out. 

I’m sure as children, we heard our parents and grownups around us telling us to do what the other popular girls were doing or act like our friends who were known for their unique traits. 

This is because, Society has assigned particular importance to certain looks, actions, jobs, and 1positions that if you don’t do what others do then nobody recognizes or appreciates you. 

In this social media era, everyone trying so hard to be like or do what others are doing, so much so  that we sometimes forget who we are as individuals.  We jump on social media and immediately  we want to do what the celebrities or our friends  around us are doing. We sometimes even go the extra mile to talk and walk like others so we can be popular or fit in.  As a consequence, we ridicule and shun  those who look different and act differently from us. 

Don’t get me wrong, because I’m not saying it is not good to learn from others or look up to others, however, you can’t let the desire of being like others stop you from living your true potential.   

It is funny because the reason why we copy or try so hard to be like others is so we can look cool or fit in. But isn’t it ironic because if we all look, talk and act the same then who will remember us?  If for example, we all have the same name, when someone calls one name, won’t we all turn around? 

The sad thing is that it has reached a point where people even pay thousands of euros or dollars just to look like someone else.  

Out of God’s creatures, human beings are supposed to be the wisest yet we are the only creature of God that try so hard to look like anything else but our original self. 

I want to remind you that, God took his time to create each and every one of us so that we will be different and unique. So as people it is important to stand out and not fight to fit in.  When people meet you, you want them to say to themselves, she is different. She is unique. She has something that no one else has. 

But how do you get remembered or noticed out of a crowd??

There are so many things we can do to get noticed, but if we want to be remembered and stay on people’s, minds for longer and make impressions, then we have to make a point of difference. We must find our uniqueness and what makes us special from everyone else. 

Our uniqueness could be what we think is weird about us; or how we speak or motivate others….. whatever your point of difference is try to find it. 

What makes us unique from others? 

In marketing, the point of difference refers to a company’s ability to offer unique products from its competitors. 

Point of difference is a relevant strategy for any organization because there are many different products in the market so if you want your products and services to stand out so that consumers can notice it and remember it.

The same thing applies to us as human beings. It is important for us to have a point of difference or uniqueness for people to remember us with. Our point of difference or uniqueness is something about us that no one else has or something that we can easily do that others struggle to do. It could be your Charisma, your talents, your understanding about things, the way your lead, how you exude confidence, how you smile, it might be the way you command attention when you enter into a room. 

Below I will discuss tips on how to stand out from a crowd:

  1.  Build your faith in God

God knows His children to build a relationship with him and trust him enough to go to with your worries. Pray to him to unveil your true identity to you. The is He created you so knows the deepest part of you that is hidden from everyone else. So if you want to stand out from everyone else then your need to seek God and His guidance. 

Remember when Joseph was in prison, there were other prisoners around but because He trusted God, he stood out in due time. 

The world has nothing to offer because every good and precious gift is from the Lord. 

  1. Know yourself

Study yourself well to know who you are. Know your talents and what makes you different from others. If you have not discovered your talents or you are doubting it, then ask those around you for feedback. Ask friends and family to tell you what you are good at, ask your meanness auntie…she will for sure tell you about you. 

  1. Build your confidence 

If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you need to build your confidence. There is so much power in a person who exudes confidence. One trait that those who stand out from others have is confidence and knowing who they are.  True confidence, however,  comes from knowing God and trusting in Him to see you through. 

  1. Be original 

We are billions of people on this planet yet there is something special and original about each and every one of us that makes us unique from the other. There is something about you that even your siblings don’t even have. So why try so hard to be a photocopy of someone else when you can be the original version of yourself. 

To echo the above points, know who you are, and be confident. Because,  if you know who you are, it is easy to be confident and if you are confident, it will be easier to show people who you are without trying to be someone else so people can love you. 

  1. Work fiercely on your craft

It is important to be confident and original but it is equally important to work very hard on your craft. 

There is an African proverb, which says “ you can not present what you do not have”.   Therefore, In order to stand out from others, it is imperative to know and develop your passion. And once you have identified what your passions are, it is then important to work as if your life depends on it. Practice it whenever you get the chance, do it in front of your kids, your friends, or your mirror. Don’t allow the fear of failing stop you from chasing your dreams. Failure is part of the journey.  

Note: at the end of the day, when you are old and unable to do anything, you will only regret the passions you didn’t fulfil. 

  1. Don’t beat yourself up for being different 
sometimes you will meet people who will criticise you or judge you for not trying hard to fit in.  It may be the way you dress or carry yourself or talk, whatever it is, don’t let that get to you.  You don’t have to be like anyone else. you are enough and who you are is important to God. So don’t let others negative opinions about you stop you from standing out.

      7. Be kind and generous to everyone you meet

I know it is much easier to be kind to the people you know, but it is rewarding and fulfilling to show kindness to those you don’t know that need your help. If you want to stand out, then learn to be compassionate to those who can not repay your kindness. Offer help when no one else is looking and do it with gladness. 


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