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Fighting with your inner demons and winning the battle

Most of us when we hear demons, we immediately assume lucifer clothed in black with horns on his head.  But today I want to draw your attention to the inner demons we live and battle with every single day of our lives.  Inner demons although we all battle with them, we barely call them by their true names because of shame and what others may think. 

As human beings, even though we many not realise the kinds of demons we constantly battle with because we don’t call them by their names, that does not take away from the fact that those demons exist. Whether we admit it or not, we are all fighting with some kind of demon one way or another. 

These demons we battle with come in all shapes and forms. They may vary from  anxiety, envy, jealousy, causing confusion, gossiping, stealing, addiction, anger, impatient, jumping from one marriage to the next, insecurity, and many more.

While some of us our demons were created by our own doings, most people’s demons are as a result of their upbringing and things that their parents or people around them may have done during their childhoods.

For example, children who grow up in abusive homes  where they watch their parents fight every chance they get, may grow up with demons, which make them think  that abuse is a normal human interaction. 

Or someone who was abused sexually as a child, when that issue is not properly addressed and treated, they may grow up becoming bitter and angry at the world. 

Or those who grow up with no attention and love from their parents  may grow up developing addictive behaviours craving attention wherever from whomever. 

Or those who grew up in a home with parents where younger people were not supposed to voice out their opinion  may grow up and feel every young person they meet who voices their opinion is rude or pompous.  They wish they overpower and dominate everyone they meet and tend to have cause problems  when you don’t get your way. 

Well you see, if you are being honest with yourself right now, then you would probably agree with that indeed we all carry bruises that were not treated or addressed and for that matter have turned into demons we battle with on daily basis.   And in most cases, the patterns of the things we face are so deeply ingrained in us that we tend to forget their existence.  As a consequence, we find ourselves unconsciously repeating the circle of the things that have been done to us. Even though we may know they are wrong, and may even feel ashamed when we do those things, we somehow do them impulsively.   In event that we are aware of the existence of our inner demons, because we are  so terrified of others finding out what kinds of demons we are dealing with, we  try so hard  and go extra miles to hide them. 

Frankly, it does not matter how old, strong, spiritual or how christian we are, we all have inner demons and need healing or ways to deal with them.

Steps to overcoming inner demons

  1. Seek God’s divine healing.

In my bible studies on Sunday, my teacher ( sister Paula) discussed divine healing. During the studies she made us to understand that we are all sick spiritually, due to some of the  things we might have experienced in our lives.  We have been so wounded that our only hope is divine healing God.    One of the verses that stood out to me during the studies was  Jeremiah 30:17   which says:

“ But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds, declare the lord, because you are called an outcast, Zion for whom no one cares”. 

Zion stands for us and here God is telling us that He will restore us and heal our wounds. This means that we are indeed sick and it is only by divine healing that we will be healed.  The verse went further to add that even if no one  cares for you,  you have God on your side and He cares a great deal about you. 

If God is for you, who can be against you? Absolutely no one.   So be encouraged and lean on God because He is fighting your battles for you and you will surely overcome your demons.

  1. Talk to someone about the pains and problems you go through.

Dealing with things alone is good, however a problem shared is half solved and we all need somebody to lean on. Therefore find someone you trust and can easily talk to. Talk it out because sometimes by voicing out your problems, you might get someone who has been through the same thing to share their experiences with you and help you in the process.

  1. Stop feeling ashamed. 

As I have previously stated, we are all facing some demons so stop being ashamed of yours. Don’t let judgement from others stop you from seeking help or living your life.   I know sometimes we may feel our demons are bigger than other people’s demons but that is not the point. The point is that demons are demons and everyone is battling their own so focus on yours and find the right way you can overcome them instead of worrying about what others would say about you.  

Shame has a way of alienating people, which is dangerous. Because once you are isolated, your demons can easily take over you and prompt you to have ill thoughts.  Always remember that you are loved in spite of your demons. 

  1. Love you.

Trust me, I know it is hard to love  when you all you see are scars everywhere. But I whole-heartedly recommend self-love to you today. Every time you feel like giving in to your demons, look into a mirror and tell yourself that you are wonderfully and fearfully made. There is no one on this planet like you. You are very very beautiful.  Speak positively to yourself everyday and believe it and with time, your mind will pick it up. Even your demons will start telling you how beautiful you are. 

Note:    you telling yourself and feeling you are beautiful has nothing to do with others. It doesn’t mean you think other people are not beautiful, because you are not in competition with others. All you are doing is  affirming what God has said about you and if anyone has a problem with that, let them take it up with God.

  1. Forgive. 

You are probably asking, how do you forgive someone who abused you? Or wronged you or has caused you a great deal of pain?.  I know it is hard. We all have hard time forgiving sometimes but if you want to overcome those demons, then you need to forgive. 

By forgiveness I am not saying run back and make friends with your abuser knowing very well they may hurt your again. All i’m trying to relay here is that when you forgive, you liberate yourself from the bondage. Forgiveness is not for the other person, it is for you. So while you want to hold on so tight to what they did to you, pray about it, give it time and when you are ready, forgive. 

After forgiving them, set your boundaries and create distance between you and your abuser, so they don’t get the chance to repeat the abuse.  Chose love over hat

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